How to build stone foundations?

Any building that is built must have a good foundation in order to stand up. The foundation transfers the weight and incoming force of building to the ground by the used columns. In each area depending on the weather conditions, the foundations are different. For each building a special foundation is built according to its plan and number of floors. The foundations are different and each one is built with different materials. For example concrete foundation is built with concrete. Also for building stone foundations it is used only small and big stones.
The stone foundation has a long history and many historical buildings have stone foundations. This kind of foundation has a high strength . The cost of it is very low and we can say it has no cost compared to some of the foundations. In fact, you just have to buy crushed stone.
Because stone has a great durability, this kind of foundation can be used in many different areas.
Stone foundations are being built in two ways according to the pressure and weight they have.
Buildings with low pressure and weight use stone foundation with lime mortar mix. In the other hand buildings with high pressure and weight, use stone foundation with cement sand mix.

stone foundations

Steps for building stone foundation :
We want to explain the general method of building stone foundation step by step. With this method you can save money in building costs.
1. Dig a peripheral fence around your building.
This fence should be 45cm wide and its depth must be as much as not to become frozen. Use pocket for digging and shovel for taking the soil out. The soil can be used for making the foundation’s slope. Then smooth the fence floor by a square shovel.
2. First place large stones in the dug fence.
First you can put all the large stones into the fence. Then use smaller ones to fill the fence.
3. Tighten the stones.
You can use a hammer for braking the stones if necessary. Note that you can use asphalt pieces too. If you want to use old concrete parts in your foundation, first divide them into flat pieces by hammer.
4. Fill the fence with crushed stone and kill that hard.
In this step you can spread the crushed stones with your hands to fill the entire foundation holes.
5. Install the necessary pipes and surround them with stone.
At this point, you can use 2cm pipe for clean water. Also you can use 7.5cm pipe for building’s wastewater. May be in the future these pipes will be used.
6. Use your favorite connector wall to increase the structure’s height.
If you want to use the same traditional way for building stone foundations, build your connector wall with soil bags. You can place barbed wire between soil bags to stick them together for more strength. In the standard bag walls, the lowest rows are filled by mashed bags and the upper ones by sustainable mixture of soil.
Once finished, the walls are completely covered to protect from bags and not easily worn. Because these bags are so wide, we can use them to build strong walls.
Note : The stone used for building foundation has to be healthy and be from different types of broken stone. Polished and circular stones are not suitable for building foundations because they make them unstable.