Isfahan stone exhibition

Iran is one of the most important countries in the world’s stone industry. The excavation of various mines of travertine, marble, granite,onyx , and limestone has made the country of the so-called stone industry.

Isfahan province is the best place to buy Iranian stone with three industrial cities of Dowlat Abad, Rezvan Shahr, Mahmoud Abad. On the other hand, the city of Isfahan is precisely located in Iran’s central, and is mainly focused on mines across Iran, resulting in lower costs for the factory, and also, the lowest cost for the customer.

Isfahan Stone Exhibition Hall is held every year in May. At Isfahan Stone Expo, there are manufacturers, exporters, importers, suppliers of stone products, buyers as well as experts in the field of stone industry to work together to promote the industry of Iranian stone. The international exhibition is the venue for the presence of many stoned industry activists in the world, and they will try to purchase some of the country’s gems in addition to becoming acquainted with Iranian stone.

The exhibition was held last year from 10 to 14 May. avg stone participated in the exhibition last year, and thanks to international stone participator, especially from countries such as Iraq, the UAE, Russia, some EU countries and … expanded their exports to these countries. Fortunately, the satisfaction of non-Iranian customers with AVG stone has expanded the market for this industrial complex in the Middle East, Europe and Russia.

Considering the high profile of the exhibition last year, it seems that this year’s enthusiasts are also interested in this field.


stone exhibition

stone exhibition

the exhibition held in esfahan

stone exhibition